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My pal Dash is in my cubuicle today to dicsuss arrests on set, death threats, and some of the other horrors that have happened with litigants.  He's a great guy, a great storyteller, and he's in a really great band called Our Hospitality.

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Come on into my cubicle for a chat with Bo Sellers, a defendant who entered Judge Judy's courtroom.  It was an interesting case and an interesting outcome.  Also, I talk to an industry insider who has some information on a daytime talk show host. 

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Justin Wolfe was convicted of murder in 2001 at the age of 21.  He's been in solitary confinement on death row in the state of Virginia ever since.  I talk to his mother, who with the help of The Innocence Project has worked to clear her son's name as he didn't commit the crime.  Not your usual Daytime Justice fare, I know.

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We were all hot for the same guy, only I kept it on the low.  My co-workers stalked him.  We all tell our side of the story.

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My colleagues and I tell teeth horror stories.  I explain why we ask about teeth in the first place and I gotta say, it's pretty strange.  This is one of the many reasons me and my friend Todd refer to Daytime Court TV as, "The swampy backwaters of Hollywood."

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My colleague Adam and I do a follow up to the story about missing person Michelle Parker, a girl who went missing the day her episode of "The People's Court" aired. We speculate about who on the inside is crapping their pants over this horrible event. 

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Larry Joe Doherty is a Texan, he still practices law, he cares about the environment, and he loved being a court show judge.  He's funny, he's smart, he studied with Jerry Spence, and is an all around great guy.  Mosey on up to my cubicle and join us while we git along, little doggies.

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I hacked into my own voice mail account.  This is a short episode but it's got juice. 

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Judge Alex Ferrer, star of the show "Judge Alex" and real life bad ass comes to my cubicle to talk about being a TV judge, how he got on a TV show, and reveals who he thinks would win a mano-a-mano battle: him or Judge Marilyn Milian. 

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Plaintiff fit every category that we DON'T want in a litigant... but then as I read his claim, I noticed he had a smoking gun in the form of an object that came from... OUTER SPACE!!!  I'll never get sick of saying that.  My buddy and colleague Todd talks about how we produced that case and then talks about how he booked Chewbacca and a wiley minature horse.

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