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Comedian and Producer Sharon Houston talks to her colleagues who work behind the scenes on your favorite (and not so favorite) talk, court, reality, and scripted shows. Some of these conversations will make you want to get into the TV business and others will make you run for the hills, just like most of us who work in TV want to do. This business is brutal!

Mar 19, 2018

Matt is a really funny stand up comic who has worked on a lot of shows as a writer and panelist. He's working on Jim's show on Comedy Central (I love Jim Jefferies!) so I invited him to come to the pod and talk about what it's like working on the show. He gives us some really cool inside info on how TV shows like The...

Mar 12, 2018

Michael and Richard performed as a duo called Gans & Register, Register & Gans. They were SO powerful on stage. They wore tuxedos and were so experimental in their approach to comedy and were always brilliantly funny. Now they're in LA and write 1 hour dramas. You never know where your artistic endeavors will take you!...

Mar 3, 2018

Drunk History is a great show. We love watching comedians drunkenly talk about history! But how do they do it? Is it just shooting one take of someone being hammered? How drunk are they? How does the director know when the comic is drunk enough to start telling the story? Drew tells us all about it in this episode. 


Feb 26, 2018

Talia is a stand up comic who "fell into" working in reality. She's also from Florida. We're sorry but at least we got out! She's worked on hidden camera shows and also worked on Joan & Melissa's reality show. She also has great stories about Joan and her kindness with her crew. 

So You Think You Wanna Work In TV? is an...

Feb 23, 2018

#FBF for this extra episode of Daytime Justice. So you won't have to go so far back into the archives and re-editing some of my favorite episodes. You'll love this chat with Mickey and you'll learn a lot about Africanized Killer Bees. They are NO JOKE. She's doing much better now, I'm happy to report. 

So You Think You...