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I thought being a P.I. meant you wore a trench coat, drank Brandy and staked locations out.  Nope.  It's so much more!  Joe Wilson, creator of the internet web series "Vampire Mob" had a past life as a P.I.  That job is much more sneaky than I thought and you'll be surprised to hear who hires P.I.'s.  Joe also talks about creating his web series, how he cast a bunch of stars (actual stars who are on actual shows that are running RIGHT NOW) and doing it Indie Style.

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I'm mixing it up, people!  I wanna know more about crime, dammit.  I found someone who could help.  He's a bad ass cold case detective straight from Strong Island who has amazing stories about cold cases and what being a cold case detective is all about. 

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A girl I worked with had never worked on a court show before, so when we told her she had to ask if people had teeth, she thought we were kidding.  She talks about how shell-shocked she was during her first couple of weeks on the job and how she can't wait to get back to it.

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My colleague Christy and I discuss the difference between booking Dr. Phil and Judge Alex, how we deal with stress, how we maintain our figures while being sedentary for 14 hours a day, and tape day fashion.  Come get it!

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My pal Sally, who I worked with on Judge Alex, shares some insight on what it's like working on the top rated court show on TV, Judge Judy, and her favorite litigant on Judge Alex.  She also waxes about how we first met at work.  She's great and I promise you'll love her as much as I do!

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A colleague and I talk about our crazy tape session.  I was flying solo and didn't sleep for five days and he unknowingly booked a fake case and production shut down mid-shoot. 

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Addressing my appearance on the "Strangers" podcast, venting, plugging upcoming interviews. I'm frustrated so this is a fun one!

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I found someone who was willing to talk about being on a fake court show.  Full disclosure: Fake court shows disclose that they're fake!  They just put it in teeny tiny writing in hopes that you don't find out!

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My pal Dash is in my cubuicle today to dicsuss arrests on set, death threats, and some of the other horrors that have happened with litigants.  He's a great guy, a great storyteller, and he's in a really great band called Our Hospitality.

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Come on into my cubicle for a chat with Bo Sellers, a defendant who entered Judge Judy's courtroom.  It was an interesting case and an interesting outcome.  Also, I talk to an industry insider who has some information on a daytime talk show host. 

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