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Comedian and Producer Sharon Houston talks to her colleagues who work behind the scenes on your favorite (and not so favorite) talk, court, reality, and scripted shows. Some of these conversations will make you want to get into the TV business and others will make you run for the hills, just like most of us who work in TV want to do. This business is brutal!

Jun 8, 2018

We're all in shock. Anthony Bourdain was the guy we all looked up to, admired, and wanted to be like. I chased after people who knew him or met him. Luckily, I was able to do two phoners with two people. Rico Gagliano of Dinner Party Download had him on his podcast. And my friend Bill Dawes worked out with him at an MMA studio in NYC. I love what they both had to say about Mr. Bourdain. You will, too.

No music cues, no plugs. Just conversations.